Why not eliminate the burden and expense of hiring your own drivers and purchasing and maintaining your own vehicles?

  • Eliminate vehicle maintenance & expense
  • Eliminate staffing & supervision
  • Web order entry or data import
  • On-line dispatch – sort, batch & create driver routes!
  • Fleet management – GPS vehicle tracking in real-time!
  • Performance reporting and driver evaluations
  • Co-Branding program

    Additional Program Information

Our technology makes it easy to manage your deliveries!

  • Web Order Entry: Enter deliveries through the web and send to a driver or we can import data through a flat ASCII file or a CSV file format.
  • On-Line Dispatch: Sort & route orders for distribution to the fleet on your time table. One or multiple orders can be sent to a driver simultaneously.
  • GPS Google Earth Program: Our team can manage your fleet in real-time – know where your drivers are anytime.
  • Customized Reports: Our advanced systems allow you to evaluate the hours worked and efficiency of each driver to ensure quality & performance.