Technology and Health Care
The past 30 years JS has developed what we believe is the best dispatching, routing and tracking system in the USA. We also partner with Delivery track software to streamline pharmacy back office paperwork and compliance and Cheetah software to track and route drivers. We do not use canned courier software, but have an in-house MIS team dedicated to driving customer improvements.

At any moment, we know the location of your packages in real-time. Detailed pick-up and delivery information is sent over the internet to our drivers. When a driver receives a delivery, he is automatically routed by our system to complete the delivery in the quickest time frame. Each driver is equipped with with a smart phone capable of receiving data, updating GPS location, picture capture, detailed delivery instructions, departure and arrival estimates and POD and signature capture, all of which can be reviewed online. And now, you can also view your driver's location live through our Google Earth program.
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Technology and Health Care
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