Value-added programs
Fleet Management
In simple terms, our fleet management program is a “rent a driver and a vehicle service.” Many of our existing customers have special needs and a higher than normal demand for our service. Other companies that are growing or considering investing in vehicles, drivers, space or Material Handling Equipment could realize many benefits from these services. With our driver and vehicle lease programs, we will negotiate special terms with you making sure a dedicated driver and a vehicle is there when you need them. This basically allows you to “rent” a driver and a vehicle for as long as you need, eliminating the need for you to hire or obtain your own. If your business is seasonal, this can be a huge service and benefit.

Plus, we can take over your own fleet of vehicles! Eliminate the expense and burden of purchasing and maintaining your own vehicles. When you compare our service to the total cost of owning and managing your own fleet, you’ll realize significant benefits! For more information contact us.

Co-Branding Program
Promote your business everywhere we drive with our co-branding program. We are very excited to offer this new service. If you invest in marketing or advertising, you’ll be excited, too! With this program, we’ll customize our larger vehicles with your advertising. Just think of it as a mobile billboard. You’ll have your business advertised everywhere we drive. For more information contact us.
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Value-added programs
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