Are you maximizing your cash flow each month? Everyone knows cash is king. We get our printed monthly invoices to our customers quickly; however, if you're re-billing JS delivery charges back to your customers, it may delay when you get paid. With e-Invoicing, your invoices arrive in real-time, giving you the chance to bill out charges to clients faster than ever.

Now - JS Logistics’ e-Invoicing will allow you to get your invoice the 1st of the next month! Receive it electronically in an Adobe PDF format. You can automatically download into your accounting systems or easily print out a hard copy if needed. It will help you to handle less paperwork, get paid faster and allow you to store and organize your files more easily. You will also eliminate the manpower needed to sort through the mail every day! Here's what one of our many pleased customers have to say about this service:

"Dear JS Billing,

I want you to know how much I like your e-invoice system...first of all, it is so convenient, and it is also "right there" and ready to print, instead of having to go to a website, log-in.

But even more important, because the invoice is a PDF, it looks like a "regular invoice," unlike the web-based invoices that most companies send out, which end up with weird page breaks, etc.

However, based on my experience of the past five years, it really does not surprise me at all.... everything JS does demonstrates what a fine organization you have."

--Ann McReynolds, McReynolds Realty
   Advisors LLC

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